Egypt Vs Algeria : Game or Battle !!

No talks these days and till 14th November without touching upon the game between Egypt and Algeria in the qualifications to the World Cup in South Africa 2010.
Alright, I know that is fateful meeting, and if Egyptians win, then it will be the first time to qualify for the world cup from 20 years, and the third time from the begin of this championship. As well, you can't imagine how millions of Egyptians waiting this meeting and how they are thinking about it and no one can imagine the joy and happiness which will cover all over the country, and how the simple Egyptian citizen will feel felicity though all the problems he may have.
Well,...let us agree, first, that this meeting is just a football game.. and the game always result in three odds,.. winning or loss or a draw. Football in my opinion is a popular game but it finally should only aim for fun and enjoy, not for stress and tension...not to be a war for statements between Egyptian and Algerian media..and for sure it shouldn't be a reason for annoyance among both nations.
Lose or winning won't be forever along the way. We must therefore bear the consequences, whatever the severity and bitterness in some cases and as we will be happy to win .. we should accept the grief at the loss.
There isn't one of the 80 million Egyptians don't wish victory for "Pharaohs" and to qualify for the World Cup, and we will do all we can to support and sustain team and system, led by the "teacher" Hassan Shehata. But we must do so without the tension or emotion or to engage in wars of words. We want more calm and focus and let Shehata and his team work in silence till the we achieve the dream. As long as we believe there is no impossible with the work and tender, we are all optimistic and looking for next Saturday with a great hope and dream.

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