A Landscape that dosn't exist nowadays for pyramids and nile

A Landscape does not exist and will never see nowadays..the pyramids and besides them the Nile..
Where it was a branch of the pyramids along the Nile is .. The pharaohs transferred the stones to the location of the pyramids by a ship which was traveling in this section
So far, the ship are presented in the museum near the pyramids now..it is common named by the Sun ship.
It is a very large ship can not be absorbed by one image.

from pics of king "tut" tomb discovery..

This image back to 1922 when Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered in Luxor, in Kings's Valley
It is the only cemetery which been found a full jewelry and property king.
It was discovered by one of the British scienti
sts by supporting from a british millionaire who was one of the few who own a car in Britain at that time.
What you are seeing now is one of the w
orkers when he was transferring some of monoments from the cemetery to be carried over to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Snapshot of the old Suez Canal

Snapshot of the old Suez Canal during the passage of ships
Channel length of 163 kilometers, which summarize a very long road
Where ships coming from Asia had to revolve around the continent of Africa to reach Europe .. and in the opposite as well.
Now only by entering the Suez Canal and within an hour be moved from Asia to Europe

A historic shot to some generals in front of pyramids, days of the 2nd world war

Children on a road parallel to the Pyramids

Children on a road parallel to the Pyramids.. but on the second bank of the Nile
They appear to be on a trip to the pyramids and are waiting for a boat or anything to transport them to the other bank

The first airplane of this type flying in the airspace of Egypt

The first aircraft of this type flying in the airspace of Egypt
Photo taken in 1910 in a free zone which called now "new cairo"..
"New cairo" of course was first built in desert ..but now,..it is one of the most famous suburbans in downtown of cairo.

but what do you think about that box behind it??

Do You Know What That Man Does?

Perhaps many do not know what this man does!!
What he holds is a primitive machine which is coming out of the water from underground .. holding arm of the machine and driven up and down through out the water out of the land ..
This way is still used in the countryside, but on a limited scale where the water is close to the earth's surface
The water which the man extracts,..is being put in the bags which is behind him which are made of leather,where they pick up their travel .. The reason for manufacture of leather is that it cuts off water from the heat and keep it cold for a long time.

Potato vendor

Potato vendor..
This scene is still so far..Particularly on the Corniche
They cart to Furn barbecue potato..

Khan al-Khalili in 1899 !!

Khan al-Khalili in 1899!
It's most popular markets and places in Egypt ..as its age now is more than 600 years.
The picture shows the products and copper artifacts that famous over the years
The word (Khan) means Hotel .. The (Khalili) is the name built by the Mamluk ruler

Muezzin over the minarets of a mosque in Old Cairo

Muezzin over the minarets of a mosque in Old Cairo
Everything in the picture is still true ..The castle from afar and some other mosques .. and the graves of Mameluke
Muezzin was climbing to the highest of minaret and call to prayer without loudspeakers

A picture for Belgian "Baron palace" in Cairo, 1907!

A picture for Baron palace in 1907!...means, exactly from 100 years and more
As you can see,..the palace was in the middle of the desert..The Belgian owner built this place to be on the outskirts of Cairo..in the direction of Suez. It is now in downtown Cairo after growing city of Cairo and has become the largest city in Africa.
Now,..the palace is being repairing and beautifying and will be open to visitors in 2010,inshallah.

Picture from a great perspective of the Saladin castle's

Picture from a great perspective of the castle's..
This region now is one from the busiest and most crowded places..to the extent that some call it (China)

Cairo...the city of a thousand minarets

An image of the highest of Cairo...the city of a thousand minarets
Ma'znha old still exist by its beautiful faces..
This previous image was from highest of another mosque adjacent to the Saladin castle ..

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