The story of the "Egyptian Curse" -part (1)

The Egyptian desert spread over the sight in front of eyes of the British (Howard Carty), who trying to dry the sweat, which began to shed heavily on his forehead and face, as he stands under the rays of the sun in that spot, where his researchs and studies led to, to search for a cemeteries of the kings of ancient Pharaohs..
This was in the second decade of the twentieth century, when the fever of the researches reached its peak, especially after the amazing archaeological statements, made by Germans archaeologists, who found the remains of (Trojan), in 1871, in North West of (Turkey), as well Sir (Arthur Evans), who revealed in the wilderness Palace (Crete), in 1900, to prove that the myth of "Minotaur" were not just pure imagination. .
(Howard Carter) dreams of the accession of his name to the list of these genius archaeologists, who have dug their names in the history of the discoveries in letters of gold, and that is what making him stands the heat, hot sand, and sweat, for several months, and during these long months, his campaign financier Lord (Carnarvon) visited him only one time, then left him to the torment, and returned back to his highbred British palace, boasting the largest financing of a campaign to search for the Egyptian Antiquities ..

Until the month of February 1922 ..

at that time, (Howard Carter) found on what was looking for all the time..
the cemetery of little king (Tutankhamun) ..
actually,(Carter) wasn't a nameless or simple archaeological, as he lives in (Egypt), since 1890 for excavations, setting a map of known archeological sites ..
This is also not the first its disclosures; as he had several fossils in the Valley of the Kings, funded by some adventurous Americans, enabled him for the issuance of the famous book (five years for the Bills in the archaeological Teba) ..
in spite of this, he was so impressed..
he impressed by the imaginary amount of treasures in the cemetery of the young king "Tut" and Gold, which made him even sending a quick telegram to the Lord (Carnarvon); to attend on the spot, while he got busy drawing of what was seen inside the cemetery ..
even those words, which attracted his attention and interest..
non-traditional hieroglyphic words, found etched on one of the doors of the cemetery, says:
"the death will introvert by its wings, each one worrying the King"

to be continued


Anonymous said...

waiting for the 2nd part.

Anonymous said...

well,i guess it is just a mystery,with no strong evidence

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