Astonishing Mysteries And Secrets You May Like To Know About "Khufu"...The Great Pyramid...(1)

In this series, I'll talk about the miracles and mysteries of the great pyramid, you know,there are so many big books and many scientists talking about it....actually these miracles seem to be endless as the archeologists are discovering a new secrets about it every day...
I'll try to be brief as possible as i can,..some of this scientific material i have read on the famous book for Zahi Hawass "the miracle of the great pyramid"...some other I've collected from many sites after a long and accurate search among the web..

The Location
As you sure know or see in the television ,the Pyramid of Khufu, (or Cheops in Greek) locates at Giza, Egypt... ok,,the incredible here that it demonstrates a remarkable character of its placement on the face of the whole Earth planet !!!

The Pyramid lies in the center of gravity of the continents. It also lies in the exact center of all the land area of the world, and what will surprise you that it is dividing the earth's land mass into approximately equal quarters!
The north-south axis (31 degrees east of Greenwich) is the longest land meridian, and the east-west axis (30 degrees north) is the longest land parallel on the globe. There is obviously only one place that these longest land-lines of the terrestrial earth can cross, and it is at the Great Pyramid! This is incredible, one of the scores of features of this mighty structure which begs for a better explanation..

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