Part (2): Quick facts and numbers about the Great Pyramid "Khufu".

The total number of blocks used in the construction was over 2,300,000 blocks of limestone and granite and the average weight of a block equal 2.5 tons and none weighing less than 2 tons. The large blocks used in the ceiling of the King's Chamber weigh as much as 9 tons.

  • Construction date (Estimated): 2589 B.C..
  • Construction time (Estimated): 20 years.
  • Total weight (Estimated): 6.5 million tons.
  • The estimated total weight of the structure is 6.5 million tons!
  • The base of the pyramid covers 13 acres, 568,500 square feet and the length of each side was originally 754 feet, but is now 745 feet.
  • The original height was 481 feet tall, but is now only 449 feet.
The majority of the outer casing, which was polished limestone, was removed about 600 years ago to help build cities and mosques which created a rough, and step-like appearance.
The base measurements of the Great Pyramid are: north - 755.43 ft; south -756.08 ft; east - 755.88 ft; west - 755.77 ft. These dimensions show no two sides are identical; however, the distance between the longest and shortest side is only 7.8 inches.
Each side is oriented almost exactly with the four Cardinal points, as well,the four corners were almost perfect right angles.
When completed, it rose to a height of 481.4 ft., the top 31 feet of which are now missing. It's four sides incline at an angle of about 51deg. 51 min. with the ground. At its base, it covers an area of about 13.1 acres. It was built in 201 stepped tiers, which are visible because the casing stones have been removed. It rises to the height of a modern 40-50 story building, and it is considered as the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years!!!

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Part (2): Quick facts and numbers about the Great Pyramid "Khufu".

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