"Nefertiti"...the pretty Queen

It is always referred to beautiful "Nefertiti", which her name means "beautiful woman had been approached," as one of the most powerful women in ancient Egypt, her grave was found near the tomb of King Tutankhamun "Tut",the son of her husband "Akhenaton", who ruled Egypt in the fourteenth century b.c.

Actually, "Nefertiti" who belongs to the eighteenth family in pharaonic Egypt and lived in the fourteenth century b.c, had so high class and degree during the rule of her husband known as "Akhenaton", but like what happened with her husband , her name has been wiped from most of historical records and as well her pictures after her death.

It is known that Nefertiti or her family weren't being royal blood in origin, but she was linked to the palace, in some way, and as well, she supported her husband during his religious and social revolution, and then moved with him to the city "Okhittatun" or "Tel el-Amarna" nowadays, to worship the god, "Aten ", as she played a key role in the dissemination of new concepts advocated by her husband, and appeared with him during the ceremonies and rituals, and as well in the corresponding conventional military campaigns, which depicted the Queen elimination of enemies, and can be seen on the walls of Aten temples and tombs of Tel el-Amarna.

Nefertiti had died in the fourth year of the rule of Akhnaton, and it is possible she have been buried in the royal graves in the Tel el-Amarna, but actually her mummy could not be found on the mummy till now. The paucity of information available on this beautiful queen is due to the role played by Akhenaton in the insurgence to the gods, and as well, return to the doctrine of monotheism, which revolved around the sun god, "Aten", which required from following families to erase everything related to Akhnaton and his wife,"Nefertiti"

Anyway ,the precedence for the discovery of the wonderful statue of the ancient Egyptian queen, was to the German archaeologists who found it during the excavations conducted in 1912 in the "Tel el-Amarna," from that time, the statue is retained in the Berlin Museum after it have been restored and repaired.

This statue of the Queen ,which is up to the age of 3300 years old, made of colored limestone and plaster, which accurately reflects the attractions of an amazingly beautiful woman, generally attractive, and with a long neck, nose, wearing an unique conical head, so she was given the title (Nfro Nfro Aten) words, means (pretty of beauty of Aten).

And till now, the statue of Nefertiti is a source of disagreement between Cairo and Berlin for years, as Cairo always calls for the queen return back again to her mother land but Berlin refuses leaning on the international law which doesn't gives countries the right to restore any monuments left abroad before 1972.

What about ur opinion? ..do you think it is really a right for a country to restore its monuments…and do u think that the mother land is the natural and self-evident home for its treasures??.. or you think it must be right for those who paid the time and money for excavation and already keeps them for too long years?


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