Egyptian archeologic team reveals the mystery of death of king "Tut "..

A team headed by Dr. Zahi Hawass ,Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Antiquities in Egypt reveals the mystery of the death of King "Tutankhamen", who died before 3000 years ago, for the first time since his tomb was discovered by the British archaeologist "Howard Carter", 85 years ago.

This news published in an interview with him for the program "Good Morning ,Egypt" in the Egyptian TV as he said that the scan by x-ray on the mummy of the king showed that it was a hunting accident and he wasn't killed, as his war wheel turned around resulting in injury in his left foot.

He continued to say that research and studies by the British scholar "Howard Carter" on the mummy of the King, made it incoherent, which required considerable effort in the assembly, adding that Tut was known after his death because of his tomb which is found in a healthy state.

He said also that many of the treasures of the king had been found on the cemetery, as well, the head mask and his mummy with a lot of jewelry, which led Carter and his team to cut into small pieces of jewelry to be removed from these parties, and separated the head and used the wires and tools for ridding the golden mask, which was fused on the King during the Pharaonic embalming process.

He added that the body has been installed and returned to his coffin in 1926 where he was out only three times for X-ray surveys in subsequent years, adding that the treasures found in his cemetery attracted millions of tourists to the Valley of the Kings to see it.

*Actually there are several archeologists theories about why the death of Tutankhamen, a young age where he died, aged 19 years, some said he was killed because he tried to worship multiple gods as he followed Akhnaten and his monotheistic religion.
The Egyptian civilization linked always to the old world and the idea of the revival once again, which was the main reason behind the idea of embalming.
Anyway, the recent discoveries was able to uncover the stages of embalming, which has been a puzzle to the scientists for too long years ago…and maybe it reveals more in the future.

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