Barak Obama in Cairo..and high hopes for his historical speech to the islamic world

President Obama speech can be considered one of the most important speeches of his presidency as he addresses the relationship between the United States and Muslims.

In his speech, from the University of Cairo, he will hope to break with the hostility of recent years and set a new tone designed not only to isolate the extremists of al-Qaeda and the Taliban, but to re-establish the understanding America gained on 9/11 and lost in Iraq.

The president's visit has prompted an al Qaeda response, signalling that al Qaeda knows fully well the potentially dangerous implications for itself from this new American leader.

Although the president is not expected to go into detail about a new Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative, his words will be examined closely to see if they show signs of what many in the Muslim world hope will be a more even-handed approach than that shown by President George W Bush.

In a briefing for the White House press in Saudi Arabia, the press secretary Robert Gibbs said the president would try to break the stalemate in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. He would not be presenting a new peace plan but would articulate what needed to be done on all sides and personally how he views the conflict. There would also be a good deal of truth telling and urging people to see the conflict from all sides". This is one step not the final step, said another White House official.

The president will begin the process to re-energize the dialogue with the Muslim world, said one official. He will also discuss the shared interest in the dignity of all people in terms of health and education.

The president is a believer in strong and open dialogue, said senior advisor David Axelrod. In the speech there will also be a forthright discussion of democracy, human rights and related issues. nuclear non-proliferation and ways to deal with Iran will also be discussed. The idea of President Obama issuing Israel an ultimatum on settlement activity, as reported in an Israeli newspaper, is not accurate.

The White House is disseminating the speech through a variety of new media networks

anyway,can be this speech really a beging of a new relation between usa and islamic world that is the question..

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