Breaking News: H1N1 virus has been detected at the American University in Cairo (AUC)

Egypt reported two H1N1 flu cases at the American University in Cairo(AUC), bringing the number of cases of the influenza to three in the country, the Health Ministry said Monday.
"Two American students (of AUC) were tested positive," said Minister of Health Hatem el-Gabali at a press conference.
"One is a 23-year-old male student coming from New Jersey via New York and London," the Minister said, adding tha
t another case is a 23-year-old student coming from Florida via New York.
Both of them arrived in Cairo on May
28 and showed symptoms on June 5, and they are now in "stable condition," he said.
The ministry are following the health conditions of the passengers on board the same flights to make sure that there a
re no new cases.

El-Gabali said the AUC has halted the activities in the campus for five days.
The university's dormitory in Zamalek island will be quarantined for seven days by medical team from Health Ministry, and samples of 110 students and 124 teachers were taken to the ministry's lab to be tested, he added.
On June 2, Egypt reported its first A/H1N1 influenza case, who was a 12-year-old Egyptian-American girl coming from the United States via Holland.
Egypt, the most populous Arab country that was hit hard by the fatal bird flu in 2006, decided in late April to cull all the pigs in the country to stem the highly infectious flu.
According to the latest update by the WHO on Friday, 21,940 cases of A/H1N1 infection have been confirmed in 69 countries, including 125 deaths.

the question now..,will Egypt suffer again from the troubles which it has already got from bird flu?...a question still without answer

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