Amr Khaled denies he was told to leave Egypt or banned from lecturing,

If you haven't heard about him before, Amr Khaled is a Muslim preacher and motivational speaker who is extremely popular with young, middle-class Muslims in the Arab world. Sometimes described as "more popular than Oprah," his success in reaching out to this group stem from his use of everyday language to discuss issues that face people daily. He uses real-life examples and speaks passionately from the heart, urging youth to draw closer to Islam and be active in building a better future for their communities.

In the letter published Saturday, Popular Muslim propagandist Amr Khaled denied allegations in a June 3 article that Egyptian State Security pressured him to leave the country as it was published in Al-Masry Al-Youm daily as a response to a report they printed alleged that he was ordered to leave Egypt.
“I have the freedom to leave, enter Egypt and live in my home and my country; however, I’m not allowed to give any classes or lectures at mosques or any other place that offers to host me — and I was not given a reason for this [decision],” Khaled wrote.
The paper reported last week that Khaled clashed with security six months ago regarding the content of an upcoming season of his show “Parables from the Quran.” In the episode, Khaled tells the story of Moses and the Pharaoh of Egypt.
Khaled refuted these claims, emphasizing that they are moving forward with production, and that he is still preparing the material before recording.
The paper had also reported that State Security had banned Khaled from shooting his new show “Al-Mujaddidun” (The Modernizers), and that he had sent his family to London, where he has enrolled his son in school.
“Our reality show ‘Al-Mujaddidun’ was supposed to start airing in March, however, the production company backed out in the last minute. You can ask them why they did that because I don’t know why, but I wish them the best of luck,” he wrote.
Khaled first denied these allegations to the news portal on June 3, saying that he had not received any orders or official requests from Egyptian security bodies to leave the country and go to London.

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