Egypt looks forward to its meeting vs Italy and Marcello Lippi warns from the Egyptian threat.

Italy and Egypt are expected to clash against each other in one of Group B’s game on Thursday. The African champions have high hopes to offer a good show as their last one facing Brazil.
On the other hand,Italy coach Marcello Lippi has warned his team (the world champions) to be wary of Egypt in their next meeting on Thursday.
Marcello Lippi praised the way the Egyptian coach Hassan Shehata management of the last match against Brazil. He said in a conference ,"I know the Egyptian team so well, they won the African Nations title twice in a row, and the fact I am impressed with the way the pharaohs, and coach of the management team who provided an excellent performance against Brazil and appeared as an orderly."
He continued: "The Egyptian team has players with great skills and high experience, I also observed them in the African Nations Cup in 2006 during my visit to Cairo."
And about the game against America," We have regained our focus in the second half , but this is not sufficient because we must focus very well throughout the duration of the game, especially in the game against Egypt. "
Shehata said: "We have recovered our confidence in ourselves in the game against Brazil although the loss in the African qualifiers against Algeria, and will continue to be always confident with all our strength and we will seek to qualify to the semi-finals and provide good football."

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Egypt looks forward to its meeting vs Italy and Marcello Lippi warns from the Egyptian threat.
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