Have you heard about The Bent Pyramid??

Perhaps many don't know anything about that pyramid as it doesn't have the same popularity of a pyramid like "Khufu" for example but i guess it'll be interesting to know that there is more than 130 pyramids discovered in Egypt right now...and the Bent Pyramid is one of them..
Anyway, The Bent Pyramid, located at the royal necropolis of Dahshur, approximately 40 kilometres south of Cairo, of Old Kingdom Pharaoh Sneferu, is a unique example of early pyramid development in Egypt, about 2596 BCE. This was the second pyramid built by Sneferu.
During the first phase of construction of the Bent Pyramid was completed blocks were placed diagonally to the inside, as in the previous step pyramids, although the pyramid was planned from the start, a true pyramid, smooth-sided. Then, about halfway up the pyramid, the decision was made to lay the blocks horizontally, and cut the angle for the second time. This will relieve the inner chambers of the pyramid and its particular corner resulted. It also reduces the amount of masonry required to complete the pyramid. The ground beneath the pyramid was unstable, and if these drastic measures must be taken to save the monument from collapsing.
The interior of the pyramid is also exceptional. There are two entrances: one on the north side and another on the west side. The North Entrance is about 11.8 meters above the ground, from here you descend into a well, long and thin to about 80 meters. Then, you enter a room projecting. Then, in order to reach the lower chamber buried 6.25 meters along the south wall, now you must climb a set of wooden stairs. The western tree is less steep than in the north, the direction by about 65 meters to another grave chamber before the body of the pyramid as the North Entrance. Old cedar can see in this room, placed there in order to stress to the rooms.
Standing in the pyramid, it can sometimes feel cool air flowing from inside the pyramid to the output. This means that a chamber could attach to the outside to indicate that it may discover even more hidden rooms.
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Have you heard about The Bent Pyramid??
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