Egypt vs USA .. Can Pharaohs be in the final four of confederations cup, South Africa 2009?

A win over America will give Egypt about six points and as well, this will lead it directly to the last four if Italy fail to beat defending champions Brazil.
If Azzurri win in their next match with Brazil, this will put all three teams (Egypt, Brazil, and Italy) on one level, and the goal difference will be the deciding factor.
Assistant coach Shawky Gharib commenting on that: "Going into the last game there's the possibility of Egypt, Brazil and Italy all being level.
"In any event the initiative is in our own hands. If we win by a wide margin we will go through regardless of what happen's in the other game."
Gharib added: "Our first match against Brazil we were not very confident and made a lot of mistakes, but against Italy we played with more confidence and gained an historic win."
Defender Wael Gomaa, whose job it will be to contain the US's captain and all time leading goalscorer Landon Donovan, added: "We know we will need to work hard to beat the United States and qualify for the next phase."
Winger Ahmed Fathi predicted: "The Americans will be difficult but we have to win it to go through."
On the other hand, despite the Americans are in hard position cause of the hard losses from Brazil by (0-3) and Italy by (1-3) but they will have to do their best to beat Egypt, specially that they are still not completely out of the race for the Group B runners-up spot as if they beat Egypt, this will put them in a three-way tie with Egypt and Italy if they are beaten by Brazil.
Anyway,the group will be settled on Sunday but it looks likely that Italy will have to beat Brazil in order to guarantee for rising in the final four.

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Eng.MBM said...

May ALLAH help Egypt and lead it to the victory.

hoping for that. Predicting a wonderful analysis for the match today from u.

finally,Great thanks for you for hosting my blog in your wonderful blog. Hoping for you more and more success and greater vision.


Mohamed said...

thanks,muhammed for your comment..
for a pity, we lossed the last chance to be in the semi finals..:(
anyway,i'm insist that we played well and offered good show...and by the way,...i don't make analysis for the match,..i just talk about my impressions..that is all..
finally wait for new topics i'll discuss inshallah..i guess u'll like it..:)

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