Hard winning for Brazil in the last minutes after 3 Egyptian goals

In confederations cup in South Africa, and after 95 exciting and agitating minutes, the Brazil could finally got the match by a penalty kick after a hard situation which would lead it to a real trouble..
In the first half, and during the first minutes of the game, Brazilians could get a goal by Kaka as he passed so easily in the Egyptian defense line but, the Egyptians could return it back by a wonderful head kick by Zidan..then the Brazilians could get a 2nd goal by the creator,Luis Fabiano and then it was followed by another goal for Juan,
In the second half, the situation was something different, as Egypt could draw level through the Muhammed Shawky and Muhammed Zidan,who had scored the first egyptian goal early on.
And till the 91st mintue, there was really Egyptian steadfastness in front of the brazilian attack but Ahmed Al Muhamadi was sent off for using his arm to prevent a shot on the line and Kaka smashed in the penalty for his second goal of the match, to end the game by 4-3 for Brazil.
In my own opinion, winning on Brazil wasn't impossible and they were really in their worst cases but as well, i can't say it is just bad luck...cause i believe that there is no bad or good luck in football..
Anyway,...high hopes for the pharaohs and wish they play by better form in the next games,..my only wish that they don't waste the available easy chances..

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Hard winning for Brazil in the last minutes after 3 Egyptian goals
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Anonymous said...

good match for egypt but it was just bad luck..:(

Anonymous said...

really unfair

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