Who was Brazil and who was Egypt ??...general comments..

When Brazilian defender embraced the goalkeeper, "Cesar," before seconds from the end of match because he succeeded to prevent a shot for Abd El-malik to register a tie, i guess he expressed all the masses of the greatest football force in the world, cause all of the second half events confused every one saw the match and maybe think that Brazil and Egypt exchanged their shirts!!

No one can believe that Egypt recorded three goals against Brazil and controled the game, and was very close to the fourth goal, and then lose in a correct penalty kick in 90th minute by a mistake from Mohammadi as he blocked the ball's way to be in the net.
The surprising that Arabs and Africans had received congratulations on the performance of their team, despite loss, and we see a torrent of public of South Africans and Egyptians as they have a pleasure to see their teams kicks.

Football kings, scored two goals from fixed strikes cause of the lack of defenders and a goal of from a penalty kick.
On the other hand, the Egyptian goals came from charmers who could manged the Brazilian snakes !....Zidan scored the first goal by a high confidence as he received a golden pass from Abu Trika who haven't been seen for a long time by this high fitness level.
Shawky then scored his second goal from a sharing of Abu Trika and Sayed Moawad, which the football experts said in their comments that it was the most beautiful goal in the tournament till now... and after only two minutes, another golden pass from Abu Trika to Zidan enabled him to score the third goal in a fascinating way..
No one couldn't believe that the Egyptians had passed from Brazil, all of these skill and boldness, strength and creativity!!. and Zidan and Abu Trika, who sweeped Cameroon in Ghana 2008, snached all the lights from "Kaka" and his companions.

Sure,the surprise shouldn't hide the bad state of the egyptian defense in the first half which is very difficult to be accepted, and as well, Essam el hadari, the egyptian goal keeper haven't been on his usual high level,and have made many mistakes..
I guess there is no justification for the protest made by Samir Zaher abo
ut the pentaly kick..
Yes, the referee awarded a corner first, but he has the right to revoke his decision if the outer observer has another opinion..and i think it is better for us to celebrate a non deserved loss from Brazil..

On Thursday, the meeting will be the most difficult and Egypt has to prove that it is the a superpower in Africa,....Italy is different from Brazil in the very realistic and narrow spaces, which could deprive our players to use their skills, and Hassan Shehata should pay some attention to fix the state of defensive line.
In my opinon, it doesn't matter now who will be winner or looser,...but the most important..who will give better show..

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Anonymous said...

A really great performance by the Egyptians,they really entertained me with beautiful passing especially that player Abu Treika..

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