OH MY GOD !!!..Egypt wins Italy, the champions of the World ..!!

I Can't Believe This !!
The Pharaohs wins Azzurri by 1-0 in the confedrations cup, South Africa 2009..who can imagine that...!...Egypt,which had only two sharing in the world cup (1934 and 1990)..could beat the owners of the world cup titles for four times!!
By the way,..to be frank,i haven't been that fan before of football in general or thought to write about my opinions before,but the marvelous play of our team in this champion,(specially in front of Brazil) really astonished me..
I can't express the surprise and joy of the people here..it is late night now and i'm writing that post while hundereds are filling the streets of my small clam city, the streets which usually be empty at this hour..!
The African champions haven't been afraid from the champions of the world and really did their best, although of domination of italy most of the game's time and their high number of kicks and pointing..
From the begin of the first half, Italy made a lot of pressure on our team..but suddenly,a wonderful kick by a corner from the Wizard, Abu Trika with his peaceful attracting smile, to the beautiful brown pharaoh, Mohamed Homos, to score by head, the most precious goal in the Egyptian football history, and to make Egypt the first African (and Arabian) team to have a victory on Italy..
But what really attract me, and i guess it pulls out the respect of many in the world too,..is the view (or the panorama) of the prostration (Sajdah in arabic) after every goal...as it is referring to a big belief in the god which maybe the secret of their confidence and strength.
Anyway...all the world eyesights will now be headed for the next game between our team and America, which will be (in my opinion),too more difficult than the last both matches with Brazil or Italy...
I think that Egyptians now should be ambitious and high-aiming..cause it is clear now that what was a dream in the past could be a real fact today...


Anonymous said...

who can belive this

John said...

it is good chance for egypt to pass to the finals or at least semi finals

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